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Thomas Yorman Vitulano
The Seed (2010)

Thomas Yorman Vitulano is a young italian pianist and composer of the ethnic-alternative-new age scene. This double album is his first recording which demonstrates his versatility and compositive originality passing through classical themes to indian music or classic prog rock of 70s.

Track List CD1:
- Beginning Contact
- Sleepy Cippy
- The Walk
- La Lotta Del Seme
- Leaf, Summer Of Light
- Dance Of The Red Leaves Season
- Il Tempo A Cavallo
- Temptation
- Attesa Sospesa
- The Attack
- Fron The Eagle Eyes
- River Of Life

Tot 44:21
Track List CD2:
- Open The Window
- Breath The Sun
- Celebration
- Sinistry Sound
- Amy?
- Cuore Che Duole Perchè Vuole
- Amori e Umodi d'Autunno
- Ancient Adventuries
- Five Blacks
- Suono Sanguigno
- Nuove Vecchie Onde
- Wild Wind

Tot 48:47

Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio between February - October 2010

Produced by Luca Briccola and Thomas Vitulano

Mixed & Mastered by Luca Briccola

Graphic Design by Luca Briccola and Thomas Vitulano

Line-up & Guest:
- Thomas Yorman Vitulano (Piano, Percussion, Vocals, Flutes & Didjeridoo)
- Luca Briccola (Guitars, Bass, Drum, Flutes & Orchestration)
- Fabius Constable (Cello)
- Donatella Bortone (Soprano)