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Beware The Selvadic (2016)

Track list:
- Skaldic Kin
- Where The Hawks Wait Ready
- The Soldier's Scars
- Awakening (Nemus Cibeles)
- The Woodwose
- White Sails
- Sublime Selvadic
- The Quiet Lady
- Olaf The Stoner
- A Shimmering Sword
- A Toast To Prague
- Clayton
- Horizons

Tot 61:31

Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio between August 2011 - April 2012
Produced by Luca Briccola
Mixed & Mastered by Luca Briccola
Graphic Design by Luca Briccola

- Luca Briccola (Guitars, keyboards, flutes, accordion, banjo, percussion & backing vocals)
- Lucia Amelia Emmanueli (Vocals, flutes & clarinet)
- Claudio Galetti (Vocals)
- Joseph Galvan (Bass)
- Filippo Pedretti (Violin, glockenspiel & backing vocals)
- Mirko Soncini (Drum & percussion)

- Irina Solinas (Cello on “Skaldic Kin”, “The Quiet Lady” & “Olaf The Stoner”)
- Massimo Volonté (Whistles on “Where The Hawks Wait Ready”)
- Riccardo Tabbì (Bodhran on “Where The Hawks Wait Ready”, “Sublime Selvadic” & “A Shimmering Sword”)
- Richard George Allen (Vocals on “Sublime Selvadic” & “A Toast To Prague”)
- Rossana Monico (Harp on “Sublime Selvadic”)
- Melissa Milani (Pipe on “A Shimmering Sword”)