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Many Meetings On A Blithe Journey (2012)

After "At The Firelight" Luca, Filippo and Marco decided to extend the formation and compose new material for this full-length album. As in their first recording, they also rearranged medieval folk songs in a progressive rock style.

Track list:
- La Danse De Finistère (ft. Rakish Paddy)
- Matty Groves
- Hops
- Once I Had A Sweetheart
- Jade Fountain
- Harimannersturm
- John Barleycorn
- Hom Selvadic
- Blithe Our Journey
- The Enchantment And The Moon
- Ælfgifu's Heritage
- Wedding Dress
- The Chorus

Tot 55:33
Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio between August 2011 - April 2012

Produced by Luca Briccola

Mixed & Mastered by Luca Briccola

Graphic Design by Luca Briccola

- Luca Briccola (Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Flutes, Vocals, Keyboards & Orchestration)
- Marco Carenzio (Vocals, Harp & Acoustic Guitars)
- Filippo Pedretto (Violin & Backing Vocals)
- Mirko Soncini (Drum & Backing Vocals)
- Joseph Galvan (Bass)
- Serena Bossi (Vocals)

- Melissa Milani (Pipe on "Home Selvadic")
- Pauline Fazzioli(Harp on "La Dance De Finistere" & "Harimannersturm")
- Rossana Monico (Harp on "Matty Groves", "Once I Had A Sweetheart" & "Blithe Our Journey")
- Veronica Marelli (Cello on "Enchantment And The Moon")
- Alberico Giussani (Violin on "Enchantment And The Moon")
- Auro Perego (Violin on "Enchantment And The Moon")