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Voltas Project
Drones Form Nibiru (2009)

During 2009 the polinstrumentalist Luca Briccola and the DJ/Producer Stefano Vendramin have worked together experimenting the fusion of folk music and electronic music to create musical soundscapes, this album is the result of that experiment.

Track list:
- Moksha aspiration
- Cyberscape
- Drones from Nibiru
- They are coming for me
- Bubbles Dreams
- Dawn on the lake shore
- Escaping from Outrun
- The ghostly house
- Déardaoin
- Green Fields' Lore
- Déardaoin (Radio Version)

Tot 44:21
Produced by Luca Briccola and Stefano Vendramin

Mixed & Mastered by Stefano Vendramin

Graphic Design by Luca Briccola