MOGADOR Progressive Rock
Formed in 2007 by the drummer Richard Allen, the keyboard player Luca Briccola and the guitarist Stefano Lago, it's a band based on the classical progressive rock of '70s but that looks to the modern neo-prog and prog metal.

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TREWA Progressive Folk-Rock
Formed in 2009 by the guitarist Luca Briccola, the vocalist Marco Carenzio and the violinist Filippo Pedretti during their period in the Celtic Harp Orchestra, it's a band that mix progressive rock with folk music and medieval themes.

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Formed in 2011 it is the solo project of Paolo Pigni (Mogador, Celtic Harp Orchestra).

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TAKWIN PROCESS Progressive Rock
Formed in 2013 it is the solo project of Luca Briccola (Mogador, Trewa, Sarastro Blake, Celtic Harp Orchestra).